Showcase work in progress SOLO BUT NOT ALONE

Shows: La Donna Lampada – Miss SBarbie – Niente Panico! – Nessuno
Hosted by Circo all’inCirca – Terminal, Udine, Italy
Artists: Laia Picas Rodoreda, Morgana Morandi, Giuliano Garufi, Giorgio Bertolotti
Technicians: Jacopo Lunazzi, Michele Sidoli, Paolo Tonezzer, Vittorio Catelli


17 June 2024 10:30 – 12:30
with artists, technicians, organizers of SOLO BUT NOT ALONE project
for critics, programmers, stakelholders

An interactive morning to unpack the creation processes behind every work and meet the artists behind the scenes. A shared playground among artists and theatre programmers, organizers and stakeholders where to (re)discuss the conditions around our artistic work. Which game shall we play?

The roundtable is moderated by independent researcher Gaia Vimercati and cultural journalist Francesca D’Arielli (Altre Velocità).

Thanks to Altre Velocità for being media partner of this session.

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